Sunday, March 23, 2008

Elena's Opinionated Animals

Elena has taken to assigning her feelings to her animals. I think she has done this off and on for a long time, but it seems to have reached a peak lately. Over the last week, the "sensitive" animals have expressed love, neediness, dislike, fear, unhappiness and anger for Elena.

"My animals are tired and DO NOT want to see anybody right now. They need to be sleeping. They are in cranky moods."

"My animals need to be taken care of, I am going to be very busy today taking care of my animals."

"My animals are very afraid of Grammy Gill"...and then, "My animals are going to be MAD at Grammy Gill." (poor Grammy Gill seems to get the brunt of the animal fury). Often when Grammy and Grampy Gill are planning on coming Elena is VERY busy. "I am going to be VERY busy later when Grammy and Grampy come taking care of my animals." Those needy animals are always stealing her away from her grandparents Gill.

My favorite was when the sitter came on Saturday and she was completely thrilled to see her, she said, "Loosa (Melissa)!! Today is my lucky day! I don't have to take care of my animals!" (with the I can spend the WHOLE day focused on and playing with you).

Tonight she is clearly happy and loving Easter she is preparing eggs to hide for her animals because, "This is what I am 'posed to do for my animals on Easter! My animals like eating jelly beans." (you don't say?)

A little while ago she came up to me with the stuffed bunny she got in her Easter basket and said, "My bunny loves me and my bunny loves you, Mommy."

I sure love my bunny.


Elisa said...

Gosh that is too funny! I love the things they say. Sure does make you laugh.

nancy said...

Really cute!!!!! Bella has only given her animals and dolly's naps - they are usually face down, too, LOL which disturbed me until I asked (1/2 way expecting some creepy answer... LOL!) and she told me, "because they like to sleep on their bellies..." (said with a "duh" expression)! She slays me!

Amelia's moms said...

How cool. Her love of animals has been such a constant in her life - I really admire it.