Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Good Craugh

In our family, we have a family tradition of craughing. This is a combination of laughing and crying. It happens when you are so tickled by something that you laugh so hard you start spurting tears. Anyhow, we all had a good craugh together tonight over this test.

I took the test and it said I was left brained. I am not always the most analytical, but I usually test in the middle on these types of tests.

Then, my dad took it and the ballerina was going the other way! I was incredulous! Dad is a CREATIVE TYPE? Well, he is somewhat creative in many ways and he is like me. Maybe I am just jealous that I was not right brain.

Both Dad and I entertained each other for quite a few minutes by watching the ballerina turn. Then, we realized we could get her to shift direction. That was more good clean fun.

Then Mom took it and she was just like me. Only that darn ballerina would only turn counter-clockwise for Mom. It wasn't a big deal until my Dad was calling out from the other room:

"She's going clockwise now...wait, wait, she's turning the other way. Oh...wait! She's switching at the half turn!"

Ok, ok, show-off. She's doing the hokey-pokey. Obviously, your brain is a finely tuned machine that you can switch from left to right at will. Bravo Dad!


Lisa said...

First she goes clockwise then when I look at the text to the left I can see her switch directions out of the corner of me eye. She goes that way until I read the text again and then I can see her switch again! Neat.

Amelia's moms said...

Hmph, totally counterclockwise for me. Hmph.