Friday, November 10, 2006

Venn Diagram

This post has been a long time coming. I want to start by saying, I am very lucky. I am blessed with a husband who stays home with our children, a mother who helps out and pitches in all the time and an aunt who adores babies and takes our boy once a week. I have come to the conclusion that being parents of two is the quickest and surest way to destroy one's marriage. Why? Why you innocently ask? Perhaps you don't have two children or perhaps you like chaos, but either way, it's a recipe for disaster.

Shouldn't two people be able to care for two teensy weensy people? Shouldn't two parents be able to handle their own kids? Aren't there people out there with four, five, even ten kids? Man, not way...I don't like this needy stage enough.

So, consequently our childcare situation is like that Venn diagram. Sometimes we have one, sometimes we have the other, sometimes we have both. The red area is when we have both. It is those times that truly tax our marriage. We tend to only have both kids on the weekend. I feel like a parent of divorce...and the we haven't even separated...yet.

But seriously, it does get better everyday. Everyday the kids are less difficult. The baby is more engaged and less needy. Coming are the glory days of parenthood. Right? No false sense of security here though, nope...just two kids. I have new appreciation for families who choose to have only children. It's really not a bad idea at all...NOT AT ALL.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

You Look Tired...

Thank you, twenty-four year old cashier at the health food store for making my day but calling out the obvious. Yes, I do look tired. There is actually a good reason for that, I AM tired. VERY tired. It's been a long week of working full time trying to get my new job cranking up and taking care of my kiddos in the off hours. This is, not to mention, bottles at 1AM and a great new habit my two year old has of waking at 5:15 every day. Thank you, as well, daylight savings time. Fall back...wish I could...wish someone was there to catch me.