Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Little Dense Beauty

My sister coined that term for Liam, because he is not the most communicative of children. He seems to have gotten all the looks and is not long on the smarts. He's engaging and sweet, loving and outgoing, but just plain hard to understand.

Ump! Die! Ain!
Does that not sound like he is reaching back to his Germanic language roots? He seems to be dropping all the first consonants from his "words" (I hesitate to call them that when they are a bit more like "sounds with some context").

Anyhow, Ump! Die! Ain! are used quite frequently. See if you can figure them out. I won't expect miracles, however, since it took me a good week to figure the third one out. Have fun with the dense beauty challenge!


nancy said...

Your children are really, really, really, really cute!!!! Love the red hair! :o) And Liam looks honestly so sweet...

Amelia's moms said...

Well, since I have a little boy who looks just like Liam and who says "zump" all the time, I have to guess the first one is "jump." I'm waiting to be enlightend on the rest!