Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's 9:14 AM and 20 Degrees Outside

And I'm contemplating taking the kiddos out to play. I just heard my sister call from upstairs, "Are you losing it?" which was evidence that I am, indeed, losing it. The kids are at such difficult stages. Liam is fully in that pre-two-year-old-wants-everything-and-wants-it-now stage and Elena has lately completed all the requirements for her sibling rivalry badge.

The day goes something like this. Wake up. Get Liam up. While I am getting Liam up, Elena comes into the room, shouting "NO WEEUM, DON'T [fill in the blank here with ANYTHING he is doing]." I have to keep them away from each other to keep her from hurting him and keep him from bursting into huge fits of rage, tears and screaming. He's my vocal child. Crying for him is not a quiet effort. It's a cacophony of screams and wails. You would think someone had parked a pick-up truck on his foot with the amount of noise he makes.

Eventually, something will trigger the screams, and being non-verbal (although very LOUD in his non-verbalness as I may have mentioned), the fit will ensue. This when I pretty much want to check myself into the looney bin. Then, Elena decides it's time to throw in her two-cents. I think she is actually picking up on my distress and trying to stop it, but in her three-year-old brain, the best way to stop it is to yell, even louder than Liam, at him.

So, I now have one screaming child and one bossing screaming child competing for air space. Sometimes, I can tune it out and sing "la la la" in my head. Other times, and I know full well that this is NOT the best method for curbing the behavior, I yell louder than all of them.

My lungs are bigger.

My voice is louder.

And, I am scarier, so they cry...and I cry...and then, the air is cleared and things seem to right themselves.

Does everyone have these devolultions?


Cathy said...

Yes. It comes in waves.


Watty said...

agreeing with Cathy. Yep

Tess said...

Doesn't everyone?

Amelia's moms said...

I yell too, or act exasperated in an unfair way. As if I'm trying to make her feel bad. Sigh. Oliver's also the screamer around our house. Amelia doesn't antagonize him - she saves that for her parents :)