Sunday, March 30, 2008

Need to Clear Something Up

Apparently, in my drug induced posting last night, I failed to mention that I will indeed be getting a replacement set of teeth for the gap. I go tomorrow morning at 8 AM to get a temporary bridge, and then, in six months or so, I get a permanent one affixed. I don't know too many more details, but when it comes to big dental work like this, I am better not knowing. I just show up and and am along for the ride. I am truly happier that way.

From the looks of that area of my mouth right now, however (and you will have to excuse the ridiculously poor joke here), this new dental appliance will be like a bridge over troubled waters.

ACK! Postscript! I just went and googled bridges! ACK! Scary process ahead! Stay tuned. I should have followed my own advice and just gone with the flow. ACK!


Linda said...

Yep, bridges are scary. I'm opting for the implant.

Amelia's moms said...

I like the focus on "bridge over troubled waters."