Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Soundtrack of my Life

Does anyone else have little songs that play in their head for certain functions they perform? Let me explain... Every time I shower, the Monchichi theme song plays perseverantly in my head. When I am walking, I often sing "I'm walkin'...yes indeed and I'm talkin' bout you and me..." There are also a few little ditties that have no lyrics...I hesitate to call them "orchestral," but that is the closest I can come to the nature of these particular movements. Anyone else this weird?

Monday, February 09, 2015

Snow Day People

Want to know what is desperate?

A work-from-home breadwinner trying to work. The skeleton crew of this family today...Working. Solely.

I sit at my desk, looking out my ever coated window, and try to work; I struggle to keep my head afloat...above the smothering, fluffy, happy snow and the sounds of snow-day people all around me...sledding in the drive and blasting fun music on the hi-fi. TV watching children whose lives are on pause while I sit and dial the phone one more time and send one more email and field one more conference call. Praying the dog doesn't bark or the kid come romping in on a happy snow-day high.


Keep it down now.
Momma's working.
And these are the days that working from home is not so desirable.