Monday, December 01, 2008

Danger, Danger

For Christmas this year, we are trying to think of things Liam cannot use to kill himself flying 60 mph down our driveway. The other day, I looked outside and had one of those loving moments...there was my dad walking down the hill to pick up the newspaper at 8 am and there was little Liam trundling behind. Dad wasn't even aware that he was being followed. So, there was one big, tall man silhouette and one tiny little boy silhouette. Very cute.

Then Liam hopped on his tricycle and started riding instead of walking. I was at the window watching as he caught the hill and started flying with his feet up. He started doing that thing where bike tips up on one wheel and then on the other
as he attempted to steer gently, but he is two so he does not really understand gentle.

And then...snowball of Liam and bike...That was when my dad finally noticed Liam was following him. I stood at the window, mouth agape as my father went and scooped up my little sobbing boy and comforted him. It's good to live here with my mom and dad. This communal's good for my kids.