Monday, January 05, 2009

Days Two, Three, Four and Five...I Like Five the Best!


Liam, looking out the window upon waking up. I know it was early in the morning because, as part of my father's morning ritual, he pulls open those curtains when he gets up around seven or so.


This kid is a ham. Loves attention. Loves to be in the center of it all. He's recently taken to taking your hand to lead you places with him..."Tum here, Mommy...Tum wiff me..." Here he is modeling the latest fashion for two-year-old boys...DRESS UP!


Here Liam is playing with a snow globe that is plastic, cracked on the top because he dropped it, missing two out of its three feet and incredibly sentimental. When my grandparents Sassano moved out of there house and we all (all five of their kids and seventeen of their grandkids) helped, we got to pick some special keepsakes. I chose this little snowglobe that I remembered coming out for many, many Christmases past. When you wind it up, it plays Jingle Bells and a little train goes into a hillside tunnel and out again.


Elena is growing up to be a complex and bewildering little girl. I love this picture because she hardly ever lets me photograph her anymore. I love this picture because you can almost see her complexity. I love this picture because it appears as if I am slightly amused by her, while also being confused and in awe of her...all true.


Elisa said...

Emma is hard to photograph these days as well. That picture makes me tear up for some reason (you and Elena). It was also beautiful.

Amelia's moms said...

That picture (day 5) might just be my favorite Kiki picture EVER. Which is saying a lot. It's so complex - I could look at it for a long time.