Saturday, January 17, 2009

DAY 16: Shooting Blind

16/365 Shooting Blind, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

I tried all day to capture a photo that sums up the absurd attraction I have felt to watching all the news about the US Air flight that landed in the Hudson River. To listen to the passengers talk about it, is to hear them say their lives were saved...complete strangers holding hands and hunched over in emergency crash positions, made me tear up. To hear the newscasters talk about the pilot's heroicism, made me verklempt. To hear them call this man Sully, made me laugh out loud, because I had just read this blog.

All the pictures that did not make the cut are probably just as interesting as the one that did. There was one of Liam pointing excitedly at the tv shouting, "PLANE!! BOAT! TUGBOAT! TWO TUGBOATS! WOTS OF BOATS!" There was one of the tv screen in a bar which said "SULLY - Hailed as a Hero." There were many of the George Washington bridge, as I drove over it thinking about the folks who had been in that exact same spot the day before as an A320 was, what felt like, feet from their heads. But, the one that made it was this one. A shot from the George Washington bridge as I attempted to capture some evidence of the melee below. As you can see, I got nothing but serenity. As always, the hubub of the city is made still by being photographed. You would think I was the only car on the bridge. It's actually quite a peaceful shot.


Elisa said...

It's a beautiful shot. Sometimes I think you and I see the world very similarly. ;)

I watched a survivor on the news talking about it and she said several people actually tried to retrieve their carry on luggage from the overhead before exiting the plane. I thought that was interesting. I would have just gotten myself out and not worried about the junk!

Amelia's moms said...

In my next set of pics you'll see a pretty amusing shot. We went to a train festival at the science center and in the massively enormous Playmobile train setup (with all the sets) they'd included the plane landing complete with rescue crew. I had to take a picture - it was only the day after!