Sunday, January 25, 2009

DAY 25: Connecticut State Land, Lover's Leap Park

Day 25 State Land, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

In the summer, we go to Lover's Leap. It's a beautiful, green, lush state park. There is a tomato colored bridge that straddles the Housatonic River. In the summer, it's inviting and cool and you want to plunge off the bridge in a dramatic swan dive. Today, it was not so inviting.

I decided, since I arrived in New Milford to pick up the kids a half hour early, to go on a photo hike in the park. It wouldn't be too cold in my big puffy jacket, I surmised. I surmised wrong!

First of all, it was 15 degrees out. Secondly, the ice and snow made it so slick, I was afraid I would fall into the icy jammed river. The river was so cold, it looked like green ice water and barely moved. By the time I had snapped twenty pictures or so, I was numb in the face and fingers and I had to run back to the car. On my walk to the bridge, I was thinking, "I wish I had the kids with me...they would love sliding down these hills!" On my run back to the car, I amended my thought to, "THANK GOD I DO NOT HAVE THE KIDS WITH ME!" Whew! Haven't been that cold in awhile!

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Amelia's moms said...

No sliding into icy cold rivers in the dead of winter while out on a solo hike, okay??