Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DAY 20: How Could it NOT be an Inauguration Photo?

I am forced to photograph the TV screen because I am not in Washington, DC today. I wish I were. I am so excited this morning, I am almost motivated to toss my kids in the car and drive to DC. But, practicality will always get the better of me. I was mighty disappointed to realize I was in Philadelphia when Obama made his "whistle-stop" on Saturday and was cluelessly hungover and missed it. Makes me feel sort of uninvolved.

OK...here it is three hours later and I am sitting on my couch, riveted. I came down from my "home office" to turn on the tv at 11:43 and it was all just starting...10 minutes later, they introduced Barak Obama, our president elect. I started crying. I was crying tears of gratefulness. I was crying for Rosa Parks. For Martin Luther King Jr. For all the immigrants who have scraped and fought to be treated as equals. This day brings me tears of hope and promise. Tears of sadness for all who were not so lucky to see this day, but who were instrumental in its fruition.

God bless us.

Bonus (non-365 Project) Photos:


Watty said...

It's DE FEET!!! YAYYY!!!!

Favorite body part...don't know if I have one. Hmmm, never thought of it.

There's 4 moles on the side of my eye, shaped like a diamond....probably that part because I find the diamond shape interesting I guess.

Amelia's moms said...

I cried a ton yesterday. In fact, I stayed home until it was over so I could do so in private! That's where it's helpful to be on west coast time.