Thursday, January 29, 2009

DAY 29: The Moke Metrol

29/365 The Moke Metrol, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

When my sister was about Elena's age, she called the remote the "moke metrol" and the name stuck. Our family has called the remote the "moke" since then. In the last few weeks, Elena has discovered the moke. My mother, thinking it would help her learn numbers, wrote her a TV guide of sorts...a list of all the channels she might like to watch. She now has the out world!

I swear to you that this child so longs for independence that this little step in this direction, has completely changed her mood to sunny. You can see the rising sun of her cheek in this picture as she grins from ear to ear after successfully landing on a show with which she's satisfied.


Elisa said...

She's so beautiful. That's a good idea but at my house we don't have any channels. Just this weird qubo channel. lol

Cate said...

It's all good until you stumble across her watching 'Killer Elephants' on Animal Planet and scared out of her mind. HAHA

Amelia's moms said...

That is a power I'm not willing to relinquish at my house. I prefer they think there's some parental magic involved. I figure I have another week or two.

Pretty cool that it's made her happy though. Next teach her how to clean the toilet :)