Thursday, May 14, 2009

DAY 134: Happy Birthday to Me...Liam's Dancing with Glee

May 14th 010, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

He put on my lipstick...and looked like a she!! Well, not really, but he has this thing for Chapstick I have mentioned before. This love seems to have bridged into lipstick. There are other times he has become a painted lady, but I haven't ever been at the ready with the camera (shocking, I know). Anyhow, this time, the kids had been trapped inside all day due to crapola weather and high winds. Elena asked if they could play in my car. I said sure. First, he ate three or four pieces of my Trident bubble gum, Elena flew indoors to report. No real loss there. Then, he "got your lipstick ALL over the car, Mommy." YIKES! I ran out there to find him looking pretty, well, pretty and my car looking, well, not so pretty. Here are some more pics.

The offending stick:
May 14th 001
Luckily it was pretty low on lipstick...although Liam was later quoted as saying, "I was digging it out, Mom!", it's definitely out of lipstick.

May 14th 002

OK, Gomez, smile for the camera:
May 14th 005

Yes, we ruined a shirt. Luckily this shirt has already been through four years of child-rearing at the Gill household and I bought it for $5 originally on Kids, oh well.
May 14th 009

He doesn't have the best application technique, but this is a far improvement over the last time when he wore Grammy Gill's day-glo lip stick. He looked like the Joker then.
May 14th 008

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Amelia's moms said...

I have to admit he looks adorable. He's all set for a good Halloween costume - he should go as Mommy :):)