Friday, May 01, 2009

DAY 121: Can I Have a Calculator? Please?

adding machine 001, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

So, I asked our office manager, who orders our supplies, if I could have a calculator. Often, when I go into meetings with the head of our company I am left wishing I had Excel opened (my usual solution to NOT having a calculator), or using the teensy, mouse-sized calculator interface on my BlackBerry. I noticed everyone else had calculators and, since I started today, May 1st as a 3/5ths full time employee, I figured it was time I asked for one too.

The picture above is what she brought me. It's actually sitting next to a normal sized calculator. It's easily five times its size. Also notice how it dwarfs my computer mouse at the top right of the screen. I stifled a giggle when I told her it wasn't going to cut the mustard. It's an adding machine, for starters. The clickety-clack of the adding machine aside, can you imagine me walking into a client meeting, pulling out a surge protector and plugging it in so I could be able to use both my laptop AND my "calculator"? No, I didn't think so. How embarrassingly ridiculous.

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Amelia's moms said...

I'm laughing and hardly able to type. PLEASE just ONCE for me will you take it with you to a customer meeting, plug it in, and add something like 5+9 in front of the customer?