Monday, May 11, 2009

DAY 130: Everything in Spades

May 10 034, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

New York City is interesting. Please see if you can follow along on a rather Kristen-like strand of logic here...See this picture? See that there are brides being photographed? The key being the "s" at the end of bride. There were at least five brides being photographed at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Empire Fulton Ferry State Park. In New York, you can never really feel like you are unique or like you are doing something unique. Wherever you go, there are others there, doing the same thing...apparently even getting married. OK, here's where the weird logic comes in. From 1996-1999 I lived in NYC. I noticed some behaviors that I attributed to NYC. One of these was tied to this bride picture.

I used to think that shopkeepers in NYC were mean. They didn't care a lick for customer service. They actually seemed to enjoy pissing customers off. I theorized that they didn't have to be customer service oriented. Unlike stores in unpopulated areas, there are always more customers. More potentials, teeming in the doors, crowding the shop. With this sort of inundation, who has to be nice? Like the brides in the park, NYC's cup runneth over. You get it?


Elisa said...

I think I'll stay here in a less populated area. lol

That's funny though about the brides and I've always known that most yankees don't care about customer service or being polite for that matter. :P Heck, Northern VA people are rude although they might as well be from Maryland.

Tess said...

Love that picture!

We get lots of brides at the Arch.

Amelia's moms said...

Or....another interpretation would be to say this picture points out the "sameness" of the human condition. With a few exceptions, the majority of people want the same thing. In this case, marking a special occasion in their life as close to nature/momentous history as they can get in NYC.