Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DAY 119: Check Up

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Just thought I would update you on Elena's check-up today. Our doctor is VERY concerned about Elena's weight. She's way off the charts for weight while being still at 50% for height. He wants us to attack it right now. Otherwise, she is headed for diabetes and other weight-related issues.

The good news is there is a medical condition they can treat that will help. She will be starting on Prevacid because Cigno believes she has been suffering with reflux for a long, long time..the cavities she had clinched this diagnosis. In addition, the constant hungry feeling and the hunger upon waking are signs that she is "raw" in the stomach. Children with reflux all the time actually feel the erosion as hunger. Poor baby!! And, it feels better when they eat, so then they eat ALL THE TIME and, he says, it becomes an obsession. Also, because their stomachs only feel good when they have food in their stomach. By constantly putting food in their stomachs they quiet the hurt. Unfortunately, this means her stomach has stretched to...let's just say too large of a capacity.

So, he wants us to break the cycle.

For the next 4-6 weeks she is on an extreme eating regime (I am intentionally not calling it a diet). She is to eat three meals a day ONLY. LOW, LOW carbs (not more than 2-4 slices of bread equivalent each day). No more nuggets, no more hummus, no sweets, no processed foods if at all possible. Veggies are free, she can eat them all day long if she wants. I am also going to get some sugar-free popsicles and low fat microwave popcorn. He doesn't even want us to let her drink too much water, though, as it will further the stomach stretching.

I'll let you know as I develop more strategies and dietary ideas. Off to google communities for parents with overweight kids!

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