Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DAY 118: Hey...Look at Me

April 28th 008, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

So, this is certainly not a stellar picture of either of my children, but it tells a story. The story was that I was snapping pictures of Liam, which I seem to be doing a lot lately (since he is so damn cute!!). Well, SOMEBODY did not like that I was photographing him. First she asked me, "Mommy, Mommy...what are you taking pictures of???" (She suspected it was her cute little bro.)

When I answered, "Liam," her fears were confirmed. I saw her cute little body edge into my view finder. She's showing pictures of the deer she spotted in our back yard (which she has NOT stopped talking about for days.) "Look at ME, Mom! LOOK AT ME!" Ok, little girl, Mommy's looking and loving it.

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Amelia's moms said...

I love that picture of her, and I also LOVE that you printed out pictures of the deer for her! Great idea.