Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy BIrthday Boppa!

I am posting this a day early, but I wanted to blog a tribute to the birthday boy, my dad. I won't embarass him by telling you how old he is this year, but let's just say he's in the middle age years.

When Elena came along, she made a grandpa out of my father for the first time and when Liam came along, my father got to see the first male child born with his genes mixed in. When Elena learned to talk, she made my father a Boppa and Boppa he has become to all of us. Liam is so attached to his Bops, if he hears him downstairs, he will drop everything and shimmy down the stairs as fast as his oddly stumpy legs will make possible.

Boppa is my work mentor and advisor. Right now, as I am trying to navigate the world of self-employment, I desperately need his help on a daily basis. He is gracious enough to answer my persistent phone calls and edit my documents. My father is my business colleague and it's been wonderful to get to know this other side of him as an adult.

Almost two years ago, Boppa had a gastric bypass. He's now as svelt as he ever was. He's lost over a hundred pounds. He walks NEARLY EVERY night, rain or shine. He's renewed his relationship to life and health. We are blessed to have him in our lives. We gratefully celebrate this day, his birth.


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Boppa!!

Amelia's moms said...

Very sweet post. Happy Birthday! Dad, Boppa, Rock Star!

Shekky said...

So glad to hear of this wonderful man in your life. =D A late happy birthday to him!