Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby's First Haircut (not including the one I gave him that made him look like Friar Tuck)

My little baby boy looks like an eight-year-old now that he had his first haircut! WAHHHHHH!!!!

Can you see how shaggy it is here? Yes, I know, he's a baby. He's supposed to have long flowing hair. But, no. When the babysitter pulled a tick off his head the other day I decided it was time to cut the hair so I could do better tick checks.

He really got into the clippers. The barber was very nice and photogenic, so that was an added bonus. ;)

He seemed to really enjoy the process!

It's a miracle the haircut looks as good as it does. He was such a wiggle worm!

Look at how grown-up he looks!!!!

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