Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hair Thingies

My friend Lorraine posted about her daughter's problem with having her hair brushed. My daughter hates having her hair done, having her hair washed, keeping barrettes in for any length of time, and wearing pony tails. She'll scream, "What are you DOING, Mommy?" if I attempt to so much as play with her locks. It's ironic because she happens to have the most beautiful, styleable, fantastic locks ever. It's also ironic because I always imagined having a little "Von Trapp-like" child with dueling French braids, or side buns in her hair.

Elena is not that kind of kid. She's the kind of kid who immediately shucks her shoes and socks upon crossing the door frame. She's not into matching, or looking proper, or even wearing underwear (some days...imagine our surprise on the day she decided to forgo undies and wear a jaunty little skirt). The Easter Bunny even brought her some cute barrettes in an attempt to win her favor. The thing that's so odd about this child is that she will willingly let me put the barrette in her hair (75% of the time), but will have it removed and discarded about the house within a half hour or so. I find poor little abandoned barrettes all over the house. So, I fear we are destined to spend her entire childhood with her looking quite the mophead, like this:

The other irony I feel compelled to mention is that she may come by this aversion to style naturally. I, apparently, had to have my hair cut short for my entire childhood due to my detestation of "hair things."

Hey, what can I say? Ponytails gave me headaches.

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Amelia's moms said...

#1 - if that is your definition of mophead, may she never change!

#2 - I cannot express to you the delight I feel every time I see those pictures of you. Here I am still grinning!!