Friday, April 11, 2008

General Kid Silliness

You gotta love the way kids phrase things. I try to remember to capture the little phrasings and speech constructions that Elena comes up with, mostly because they are so cute. Here are few I remember from the last month.

1) This morning my BlackBerry was buzzing as it does when it auto-turns-on at 7:00 a.m. Elena said, "Mommy, your BlackBerry is sending you a message!"

2) A recent question structure Elena is using goes like this. I say something with which she is unfamiliar or of which she wants to know more, such as, suppose I casually dropped the phrase "chocolate mousse" into a sentence. She would immediately WHIP her head around, tip her little face as if she were a beagle and say, "Mommy, what called chocolate mousse?" Of course, what she means is "Please elaborate on this chocolate mousse thing you mentioned, I want to know more." But, somehow in her little brain, it translates to "What called..."

3) Use of the word MIND instead of MINE. So cute at first, although not so cute when screamed and shouted at her brother repeatedly, mind you (no pun intended), as in, "NO WEEUM, THIS IS MIND!"

4) She's been collecting coins around the house, in drawers, under seats in the car, etc. She says, "Mommy. Don't I have soooo much money now? Aren't I so good at finding money? Now I can go to the store and buy everything I want!" Uh, yeah right, kid, you have about $3.62.

5) I love her use of the verb "aren't", as in...I say, "I'm going to go brush my teeth." And, under her breath in a voice that holds hands with a glower, "I aren't!"

6) Yesterday, I was watching an OnDemand Thomas the Tank Engine program with Liam. It ended and he was not happy, pointing, exclaiming in grunts and saying, "UH OH!" I told him, "I know Liam. It's sad when it's over, isn't it? But, I don't know where the remote is so I can't put on another one right now." (don't I sound like stellar mother for so many reasons?) Anyhow, he disappeared for five minutes and came back at my side, handed me a remote from another tv entirely and said, "mote!" I guess the kid understands more than he lets on!


Shekky said...

I really enjoy hearing kids practice and perfect the language. Connor has been noticing our "eyebrowns" lately.

Amelia's moms said...

I love hearing the quotes! And that Liam is definitely a bright little guy!