Monday, March 09, 2009

DAY 68: Kiki Goes to the Hospital

(Or, How Kiki learns to love anti-nausea drugs, IV narcotics and the call button)

For the last five days, I have had a pain in my lower right side. It all started when I ovulated - the mittelschmerz pain I experience each month with ovulation came to visit and never left. Five days later, I had the startling thought that it could possibly be a low-grade appendicitis, if there were such a thing. I called the "on-call" doctor with my practice to ask him if I should make an appointment with him or my OB for the morning and he instructed me to go straight to the ER. So, packing my usual camera and BlackBerry, off I went.

I asked my cousin, who was over for Sunday dinner and heading up that way for a game of basketball to drive me and he willingly obliged. Off we went. He dropped me at the ER doors, I went in, was triaged and in a bed within a half hour or so. It was wonderful...not the pain, but I was very glad to be cared for and to be finding out what was wrong with me. Much to my chagrin, doctors and nurses did keep thinking that maybe I did have appendicitis. I was still pretty convinced it was an ovarian cyst, but was happy to have it checked.

About five minutes in the hospital bed and I was doped up on IV narcotics and anti-nausea drugs. Life was so improved already!
Day 66 67 68 165

Day 66 67 68 171

Day 66 67 68 172

Can you see it in my eyes here?
Day 66 67 68 174

Then, I had to drink two twelve ounce cups of weird Tang-flavored drink. This was the stuff, I was told, that would color my organs and make them visible on the CAT scan.

Day 66 67 68 177

It felt THIS big:
Day 66 67 68 183

But, soon it was all was 9:30 PM. Now I only had to wait 90 minutes "dwell time" for the meds to seep through my GI-tract.
Day 66 67 68 178

After the CAT scan, I was told at midnight that I did not have appendicitis, but had an ovarian cyst 5 cm in diameter. And, why this is I do not know, I instantly felt the propensity to compare it to a citrus fruit...think lime or clementine. I was told after an ultrasound to rule out an ovarian torsion, I would be able to go home. Three hours later, all was done and I headed home at 4 AM...exhausted, having slept for about an hour total while listening to the sound of coughing and vomiting people and screaming children. Before I left, they gave me a big dose of morphine in my IV...
Day 66 67 68 167

My friend the call button...Thanking God that my children do not have one of these to reach me...
Day 66 67 68 176

Day 66 67 68 181


Cathy said...

So glad you don't have a torsion, or appendicitis!!

Great essay! I'm so glad I'm not the only person that takes pics in the hospital. ;)

Amelia's moms said...

I love the call button picture- definitely my favorite. I'm also glad it wasn't something more serious!

My guess about the lime/clementine reference has to do with your last interaction with your uterus (pregnancy). Remember how the baby books and week-by-week milestone emails compare the fetus to fruit for ages?