Monday, March 09, 2009

DAY 66: Nirvana

DAY 66: Nirvana, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

We took Elena and Liam to the Franklin Park Zoo in Dorchester on Saturday. The weather was fabulous (although it was mud season). The animals were spectacular and it was Elena's own version of nirvana.

Elena has loved zoo animals forever. Going to the zoo is like spotting celebrities for Elena. Catching glimpse of each new species caused her to shout out in glee and amazement., "MOM!!!! THEY HAVE ZEBRAS HERE!!!!!!!" "OH MOM! WILDEBEESTS, MY FAVORITE!"

It was worth every penny we spent there.

More Zoo pictures:
Liam watching Gorilla eat poop and licking exhibit window...BLARGH!
Day 66 67 68 081

Gorilla Eating Poop...pretty standard really...
Day 66 67 68 078

Me and Exhausted-Non-Sleeping-Boy
Day 66 67 68 082

Day 66 67 68 037

Wildebeest Cheerleading Formation:
DAY 66: Wildebeests

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