Saturday, March 07, 2009

DAY 65: Fetch

DAY 65: Fetch, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

I'm pretty sure you can't see what's going on this picture because I was too desperate to catch the moment and the horse was too excited. Yesterday was a very tough day with Liam. He decided to be up for the day at 3:30AM. He dozed a little between 5:30 and 6:00 and then was up for the day. So, by 9:00AM, it felt like it was noon. I took Elena to school and then decided I would put Liam on my back and just walk until it was nap time. I figured if we tried to do anything else it would end in meltdowns and tears. So, we walked. We walked a new route and saw new things. I am sorry to say I was not the best mother, I kept my iPod on the whole walk (and thus kept my sanity).

Anyhow, about 2 miles into the walk, we came upon some horses in their pen. When they saw us, they got all excited and pranced up to the fence. The odd thing was, the black one picked up a stick and carried it over, fetch-style to us. This is my attempt to capture that odd moment. Then, one of the other horses also picked up a stick in his mouth and tossed it around. These horses appeared to be channeling golden retrievers in spirit and behavior. Here are some more pics of our equine buddies.

Here is the other horse up close with the stick...again, too much movement, so the pic is too cropped:
Days 63 64 65 033

Days 63 64 65 030

Days 63 64 65 027

The whole experience reminded me of this ad:

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