Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I've Got to Admit, It's Getting Better...

A little better, all the time...(can't get no worse)...to quote the Beatles. The medication has been tweaked, the depression has peaked and is subsiding. Patrick's doctor put him on Synthroid to "have his thyroid run a little hot." This is apparently a way to pull a person out of a depression. When a bipolar person is cycling rapidly and not responding to treatment, all seven different drugs, sometimes it means their thyroid is not quite up to snuff. So far, this idea seems to be genius. He's doing better. It's the answer to prayer. Thank you, God!

On another note, a silly note, we went to the grocery store together last night to buy the fixings for really good burgers. We got good fatty meat, colby cheddar, garlic half-sour pickles, and hydroponic tomatoes. When we got to the self-checkout aisle, we were laughing over the fact that each item is annouced as you scan it. Scan bananas, "Please put your bananas on the conveyer belt." Scan your sausages, "Savings of $.40, please bag your sausages." Scan tomato, "72 cents, please bag your malanga." WHA?? What the heck is a malanga? I must have inputed the wrong sku.

So today, as I was relaying this story to a co-worker, I realized I had not yet googled the "malanga" to see what the hey it is...I found this description amusing:

Malanga or yautia, also know as tannia, tannier, cocoyam (Xanthosoma Species).

These are names for a very confusing root vegetable (actually a corm, a compressed underground stem) resembling a yam. There are more than 40 species, they are very similar to the related taro or dasheen (Colocasia esculenta), and there are many common names that overlap the 2 vegetables and their various species.

(source: www.foodreference.com)

To be fair, we were in a giggly mood, but a malanga? Ahhhh well, it was really nice to be in a giggly mood...getting so much better all the time...


Big Daddy said...

Thanks be to God! It nice to see some smiles (giggles even!) come your way!

Amelia's moms said...

Even though I know this didn't last in hindsight, I really enjoyed the story. A malanga?? Even the definition says it's "confusing!"