Monday, October 14, 2013

That Old Common Denominatrix

Tonight, I told someone to look at what the common denominator is in their life around certain charged issues and repeating patterns. Examples from my own life...Do I always choose
unavailable people and then flogs and keens over the fact that the people they have chosen are unavailable? Does a person continually blame people for being untrustworthy? Do certain kinds of tragedies tend to befall a person over and over again? I say ask yourself what the common denominator in all those events or interactions is? Or more importantly, WHO is the common denominator? (in this case the number 5)

Over and over again we seem to be dealt the same hand, given the same chess board, that reduces to the same challenging end. Over and over and over we are tried to be taught. Eventually, do we give our forehead a good old V-8 thump and realize it is us? WE are the reason some pattern keeps repeating. WE are the problem. But, you know what? WE are also the solution. Break out of the pattern. Figure out what the common denominator is and solve for it. Learn. Acknowledge. Calculate. Find the answer.

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