Thursday, October 31, 2013

Life as a Good Read

This morning I had a little conversation with Elena about the book she is reading. She's on page 240. This was her proud proclamation. It got me thinking. How in reading, we slowly and ploddingly make our way through a good book. There is usually no rushing, nor obsessively reading the same page over and over and over again. We don't generally re-read the book until we have finished it. We don't continually restart a chapter, or go back to page one. We don't skip entire chunks of the book. And, most importantly, we do not give up if we don't like the pain or success the character is undergoing in any one section. We keep by by day...bit by bit.

That is how the story unfolds. This is how our life by by day...bit by bit. This is how the story is meant to be told.

If we believe in Him, we can imagine God as the author of this book, our book, the book of our lives. He knows where the story is heading. He knows that the death of a major character leaving us reeling is only making room for a new, and potentially better, one to enter the setting. He knows that the two lovers who meet in the beginning of the book, at the complete wrong time will meet again at the right time in the end. Faith is required of the author of the book. We must have faith that there will be a satisfactory end. We must believe that all things, good and bad, revealed page by page are part of the whole. All are needed for the story.

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