Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I've Never Been Much of a Touch Person

My mom said that even as an infant, I shrugged from her touch and arched to be out of her arms and into the world on my own. My daughter is exactly the same way, despite the fact that she gives the best hugs, she moans and groans and complains about it. To the day, the only way to get her to hug me is to catch her unawares and just go for it. Apologize later I always say. But from the moment my arms encircle her, I can feel her softening. Her pull away lessens as she succombs to that which we all, touch, reassurance that we are soft and loveable.

So, when I watched this video today, it made me think.
 What I take from this: how amazing that spending five minutes touching can change your inner most feelings about a stranger...Touch is magic...and it just goes to show, that basic, reptilian brain responds immediately to touch.
NOT words. 

Or logic.
Or reason.
Or gameplaying. 
Or etiquette.
 It's all about touch and experience and that is the world in which our hearts live.

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