Thursday, September 24, 2009

SEPTEMBER 2nd: Pretty Shoes

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You know what's a way to feel really good about yourself at work? Wear new shoes that are feminine and pretty. I got some new heels. Yes, I know you cluck your tongue and say, "HEELS?" But seriously, when one lives their life in comfy shoes, these are high, high heels! In fact, I had super sore calves for three days after wearing these around the office for a day. You would have thought a hiked a gorge or something.

Anyhow, this point brings me to something I have been meaning to write about on this blog for sometime. Funny how UNCOMFORTABLE shoes would be the lead in. Anyhow, I am going through something for the last year. I fell in love with a beautiful woman and realized that I have a deep attraction for women. The shoe irony comes in my sister's first comment to me when I told her, "Ahhhhhh! This explains a lifetime of hideous shoe choices!"

Anyhow, you won't find me spouting about it here, but it's been a really confusing and challenging time for me. Suffice it to say, it's not really something that can be figured out overnight, nor is it something that is merely switched on and off. In fact, I am not really sure if there is a switch (believe me, I tried to find the one to switch it off for a while!).

So, from heels to sexual confusion, that's the kind of blogging you get from me. Yowsa!

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Amelia's moms said...

Those are gorgeous shoes and you know I will support you in all love!