Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SEPTEMBER 1st: The Bus

Elena's first day on the bus. I love how she gets on her knees to climb up the bus steps. Elena has a fear of stairs. We aren't sure where it came from, but for over a year (maybe two?) it has persisted. But, here she is, persevering, facing her phobia to ride the big yellow to school.

And, after three weeks in school, here is a picture she drew of herself getting on the bus. She's the one on the bottom right. You can't really see her because Blogger cuts her off. You also can't see the "hand turkey" she made standing at the back of the bus because it's in pencil and and cut off by the photographer (me). So, try not to think about the things you can't see and appreciate the things you can! And no, she DOES NOT ride the short bus to school!

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Amelia's moms said...

OMG, that's an awesome drawing!!