Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AUGUST 29th: These Kids Love a Party

August 30 Wortleys 085, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

August 30 Wortleys 078
Even though they are shy and they hide out by themselves at the party, they love a good party. When they hear there is going to be one, they can't stop talking about it until it happens. I am not sure if it's the prospect of unrestricted snack intake or of seeing me happily visiting with people, it probably doesn't matter.

One theory we have is that children, like shelties, like to "herd" and they are really happiest when everyone is in one place. A party is the ultimate drawing of people to one place...especially a family reunion. So maybe that was what made the kids so fond of the idea?

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Amelia's moms said...

I've heard a lot about herding children. I love the concept.