Tuesday, June 16, 2009

JUNE 16th: My Crush

Susan Werner 011, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

We went to a wonderful show on Tuesday night. Ridgefield has, what we call, CHIRP concerts for free in the summer in Ballard Park. This week it was one of my favorite singers, Susan Werner. I have a real crush on her. She was wonderfully engaging and just so cute. There are more interesting pictures below from the night, but I just had to confess my crush here.

First of all, here is how we roll...we get there early and we bring picnic fare. This time it was sushi and wine.
Susan Werner 006

Picnic with Wine

So, there was a red-tailed hawk who landed on the fir tree behind Trina and Susan in the middle of a song. He hopped from branch to branch in time with the music. It was just as the golden sun (which was made more special by the fact that we had not seen it in days) was setting. Look at the sun-kissed picture I caught...I felt very blessed:
Susan Werner 013

Then, there was this funny photo essay I captured of a pizza guy who showed up at the park with a pizza to deliver. See if it cracks you up like it did me:

Um...did anyone out there order a pizza? Pretty sure this was the address I got...Yup...this is it.
Um...Anyone order a pizza?

Feeling a little bit like a jackass here...
Pizza Guy

No, but seriously, don't you see me standing here by the stage with this here pizza?
Tired of holding this here pizza

Um...hello? Where ARE you?
Hello? Did you WANT this Pizza?


Amelia's moms said...

The sun-kissed branches are gorgeous and the pizza guy photo essay totally hilarious. Did you see the pizza happily reunited with intended owner?

azarrella said...

lol at the pizza guy

Sarah said...

Hi, my name is Sarah Chain and I am working on developing a town blog for Ridgefield in conjunction with Ridgefield Magazine. I wanted to write a blurb about CHIRP, and when I Google searched, I happened across the picture of Susan Werner here. Would you be willing to let us use it on the site? You would be photo credited. Please let me know - my e-mail is sarah.e.chain@gmail.com, and the blog site is http://www.ridgefieldctblog.com/ if you want to check that out too. Thanks!