Monday, June 01, 2009

DAY 147: Do Not Force Your Child...

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See that rule down there at the bottom of the list? That one about not forcing your child? I broke that rule. I forced both my children up on the platform of the world's most inocuous ride at a Greek Festival in Bridgeport. When I tell you this ride was the carnival equivalent of being pulled slowly in a wagon, I am not exaggerating. However, the trepidation that seems to strike my children at the age of almost three hit Liam and he would not do it. Forget that these were WHEELED VEHICLES riding in a circle on a platform. Forget that there were steering wheels with which he could mime driving (his FAVORITE thing). Forget also, that his sister was going to ride in the same car with him. Nope, there he was clamboring over the rail.

I had to sigh and pull him out. I then had to offer his sister the same repreive. "Elena, if you don't want to go, you don't have to." Much to my surprise and delight, she sat fixed and insisted that she was going to go and be brave (yeah, brave...right, ok). And she was! So, perhaps that trepidation that moves in like a dark sky at almost three, moves out at almost five?


Amelia's moms said...

Wow, that's a great point - I am almost positive that the same thing happened to Amelia at that age.

WAIT A SECOND. You're not trying to tell me LIAM IS ALMOST THREE are you? Sigh.

Watty said...
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Watty said...

funny you mention this and I see it now. They need a sign at theme parks "Don't force your friends to go with you on rides they don't want to go on" too. My friend did it...the ONLY one I wouldn't ride willingly...but NOooo, didn't want her to go alone either. About peed my pants! Now hip hurts for the past 3 days. Grrrr

She still owes me an ice cream too! lol