Friday, February 13, 2009

DAY 43 - WOOD Trip!

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So, the Detroit trip has been a success! Ten meetings with as many different clients. Collecting payment, gathering orders and getting networking leads. I could probably stay here and continue to crack this market for another couple of years. But alas, it is time to go home and see the kiddos. I miss them...There are so many things I wanted today's picture to be that it is not...

Farms with cows and horses that you had to wind almost through to get to huge office buildings. One potential customer had a penchant for stuffed animals, the real kind. He had a stuffed coyote, rooster, beaver and harp seal. Cute, but a touch tragic. One of my favorites was a therapy office called the "REALITY COUNSELING SERVICES" which I SOOO wanted to be today's picture. Unfortunately, GPS took us by it on our way to one of our meetings and I didn't catch a photo, but took us back a completely different way. The little joke in the car was to come up with slogans for the Reality Counseling guys...
Reality Counseling, for those Who Live in a Dream World
Reality Counseling, Helping People Take Life MORE Seriously

Another memorable moment was when we were sitting at dinner in Holland at a cute brewery there, I noticed a person taking a photograph of the neon sign outside the restaurant on the sidewalk. Then I noticed it was more than one person, it was a whole group of people out at seven or eight o'clock at night with tripods set up, taking pictures in the dark. I wanted to grab my camera and hokey pokey right on in!

Our five meetings on "Day 43" were to trot our wares out to: Worden and Co., Grand Craft (mahogany boats), Heritage Guitars (which is run by ex-Gibson guys in the old Gibson plant), Herman Miller of the office environment fame and Dooge Veneers...this cool statue was the last thing I saw before heading off to the hotel.

After a brief rest at the hotel and the Irish/Mexican restaurant next to it (Carlos O'Grady's...weird name!), I got picked up by an old friend from work and went to spend an evening with he and his family. He likes to have private cooking lessons, so when I am in town we cook a meal together. This visit it was pasta with pesto and chicken francese. It was quite good, actually!

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Amelia's moms said...

I love Reality Counseling. Reminds me of when I passed the "12 Step Self-Help Bookstore" on the bus one day and saw the employee out smoking on the front steps.