Monday, February 09, 2009

DAY 39: Kristen, Kristen and Kristin

39/365 Kristen, Kristin, and Kristen

In college, sophomore year, I got a single in Moore Hall. This was desirable. There was a lottery to determine when you got to pick your room. I was in the top third. My friend Kristin was close to last. She ended up in one of the older dorms (was it Penfield?) with a roommate. Her roommate was Kristen Zebrowski. Kristen and Kristin became fast friends, best friends. They could not have been more different in a lot of ways, but they complemented each other beautifully.

Spring semester, I was in a bit of a phase. Lots of walking to campus, working out, playing brought me to Kristin and Kristen's room often. I would head over there after a workout to go hit the dining hall. It was a very comfortable room to visit.

I had a car in college, my aunt and uncle's old Volvo wagon. At the end of the year, I would drive Kristin home to her house in Virgina when she missed her flight...forever late Kristin! Anyhow, I am finally getting to the funny part...One day, I was driving along in my car with the two Kristi(e)ns and I saw another friend of mine from Moore Hall walking. I offered her a ride. She hopped in. I collapsed into paroxysms of laughter as I went to make the introductions. You see, this was my friend Kristin Petherick...Kristen and Kristin, this is Kristin...Kristin, meet Kristen and Kristin...It just cracked me up.

The first telegram my parents sent to my grandparents when I was born spelled my name see, they thought they made it up! Silly parents!


Watty said...

Very cute story!!

At work, there were 5 Angelas total in my they went to going by last initials, except 2 of us were Angela W....we're 4 days apart in age too....(70s children lol) So at work, I literally go by Watty and there was no confusion. Now there's only 3 left, and they still won't call me Ange

Lorraine said...

Great windswept picture!

For some reason I have never been in a car with 4 Lorraines.