Saturday, August 31, 2013

If It's a Question of Commitment

I have a simple question, which I assure you does not have a simple answer.

Which is scarier, being afraid to commit to a relationship or being scared you will never be in a committed relationship?

I flip-flop between the two fears. Fear of being improperly committed...or just tied down and no longer independent, and fear of being alone forever. I love the feeling of sleeping next to someone, just feet touching, but when arms and hot body surround me, I get clausterphobic. When I am alone with my own thoughts and lonely in my house for too long, I long for companionship. Am I relegated to forever be trapped running towards or away from one of these circumstances.

In a related question, which is finer act of bravery, commiting to a relationship, even though you are scared to death and feel truly unable to carry through long-term on the commitment or avoiding commitment, even though a part of you longs for it, because you are afraid in the end you won't be able to hack it?

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