Friday, January 04, 2013

1918 Called, They Can Have their Epidemic Back!

Couple of things. 1) The flu SUCKS. It sucks horribly when you have it, but boy it sucks ten times worse when your little boy has it. 2) The ticking time bomb feeling of lying in wait to be preyed on. I believe I had it already, but Elena has not. 3) Nasal swabs at the hospital are GROSS. 4) Even a skilled nurse cannot get my boy to take liquid Tylenol without vomiting on her (this gave me a feeling of satisfaction somehow to see that he is one of the WORST medicine takers in history).

Once I got a thermometer and could seee what his temperature actually was, then I was worried. I lived in unmeasured, ignorant bliss throughout my bout and for two days of Liam's. Then, I acquired a thermometer. When your son is running a fever of almost 104 ON Advil, you start worrying. I don't care who you are, seeing your child wiped out and down for the count is scary. So, despite having no insurance, we headed off the ER.

So, we had many tests...Liam gave snot, blood and snot. Pee was a piece of cake. Blood was unpleasant, as expected. Snot, however, was another story. A nasal swab is not fun business:

Luckily, the PA who administered the swab, did it swiftly and without warning. If I were a nurse, this would definitely be my least favorite chore, especially on a tender six-year old.

LKG Flu 7
LKG Flu 5
Feeling really punky...
LKG Flu 3
LKG Flu 2
"Mommy, this is great! You should put this on Pinterest"

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