Wednesday, August 12, 2009

JULY 26th: Totally Getting Into It!

Liams Bday 09 190, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

Elena has turned a corner this year with the water. She loves it! She thinks she is "swimming" all the time, but really she's at that amphibious stage where she just belly crawls, alligator style along the shallow parts. Oh well! She's cute, though!

The sibling rivalry around who is the best swimmer has really kicked up hand-in-hand with this stage, unfortunately. Liam is fearless and adventuresome. He will jump into the water with his water wings on. Let's face it, she won't even wear water wings or any flotation device. She likes to be firmly planted. However, when people inevitably cheer for Liam's antics, you can hear the dissension in her voice. "I AM THE BEST SWIMMER! WAY BETTER THAN BAD LIAM!" I don't want to compare them, but it's hard when she's constantly comparing herself to him.

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