Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AUGUST 2nd: Rainy Day Hike

Kent Falls, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

So, you may have heard me mention the rain? It's gotten to the point where I am tired of not doing things because the weather refuses to cooperate. So, on this Sunday, we went on a rainy day hike up Kent Falls. It turned out to be amazing! The falls were raging and the kids, once they were wet, were thrilled with the experience. Eventually, they even went in the water!

On the ride home, we passed a covered bridge and pulled off at what we thought might be a picturesque spot. It turned out to be RAGING rapids. One of the guys there, who had also pulled off to take pictures, told me a day or two earlier, he had seen kayakers riding the rapids. Apparently, they were classifying these Housatonic rapids at level five! Pretty darn cool. Can you see the rapids here?

Bulls Bridge - Gaylordsville, CT:
View from Bull's Bridge

Housatonic RAGING

Bulls Bridge - Gaylordsville, CT

The sound of the roaring river immediately transported me to being a small child in Vermont and the river right near our house swelled and roared. My mom took me down to the rivers edge in my yellow slicker. We collected smoothed river rocks. It was a bonding moment. I hope my kids remember this day and their romp in the falls as clearly as I remember that day with my mom.

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Amelia's moms said...

That picture of nakey Liam by the water is ridiculously beautiful.