Monday, August 17, 2009

AUGUST 10th: And Now...

Mon Aug 10, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

Soccer camp!

Poor thing had back-to-back camp experiences. She loved dance camp and made it all the way through to the recital. Soccer was not the same experience. Let's just focus on how it was the hottest day of the year when she started, or how camp went for three and a half grueling hours! No matter how you slice it, she didn't like it.

So, I had to think on my feet as a parent. I didn't want to sour her on the experience of soccer, or God forbid, all sports, due to one bad experience. On the flip side, I didn't want her to think she could quit everything on a whim either. So, I made up a couple of family ground rules:
1) You never can quit after day one. You have to go back and face day two to make a proper assessment.
2) When you want to quit, you have to go and tell them that you are done with the program.

We did all right and followed our own rule one, but skipped out on rule two. DU-OH!


Elisa said...

This pic is just adorable. I don't blame you for quitting. I haven't signed Emma up for anything like that yet and frankly, it's because I'm too damn lazy. :)

Amelia's moms said...

She is ridiculously adorable - that smile! And what in the world is on her shirt?