Thursday, July 09, 2009

JULY 4th: Diana Krall at Tanglewood

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We had plans for a quiet evening concert to see Diana Krall on July 4th. We had planned a picnic, wine and quiet. We planned on staying for, and enjoying (an important point), the fireworks after the show. We had even planned on staying in the Tanglewood area. All these wonderful plans predicated on the kids going to their dad's house for the evening. Well, that didn't happen, so we had to create a Plan B.

Plan B was still the concert. Still a picnic. Still enjoyable. Not quiet. Not relaxing. With kids. And, turns out, one of our party did not enjoy fireworks one iota. So, even that, which I thought might be the redeeming facet of the evening for the kids, was a bust. I spent the day cranky and tired...and the next one too. I celebrated our country's independence, while very aware of my lack of the same.

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