Friday, July 03, 2009


BOJ, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

OK, couple of funny things about this one. Number one, this is Dad relaxing after a frantic first couple of weeks on the job as "Shelf Genie." On a bright note, he has done REALLY well with the franchise so far...he has had 15 meetings and closed 14 of them to date. He's incredible, this Shelf Genie of ours...but, he's tired. Here, though you can't tell, he is probably snoozing in his seat gazing out at the lake. Next to him is his newly acquired relaxation aid, BOJ, or black-out-juice. This moniker is said really very tongue in cheek since almost any sweet beverage, since his gastric bypass, will zonk him out. This juice is not completely innocent, however, it is laced with rum. Ahhhhh...sweet relaxation.

Today, when he arrived at the lake, he told us that a mere quarter mile from arriving to sit in repose, an accident occurred right in front of him. He said all he could think of was how he was trapped and how much he was looking forward to just sitting and staring at the open water with his BOJ in hand. Poor dear. (I also feel sorry for the people who were actually IN an accident). Luckily, he managed to think quickly, spin the car around and take an alternate route to not waste more than a moment on the pesky likes of an accident.

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