Tuesday, July 21, 2009

JULY 13th: Memories of Grandma

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So, when I was little, I spent a lot of time with my Grandma and Grandpa Sassano at their house on Cindy Way in Chappaqua, NY. When I was picking out a card for Grandma's birthday at Rite-Aid, I found one that played "Heat Wave" when you opened it. It immediately transported me back to being four, sitting in the kitchen after a relaxed breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa. On a shelf above the toaster, which almost exclusively toasted rye toast, was this radio. It played a station out of New York City that played all 1950's hits. Sweet Talking Guy, Stop in the Name of Love, Poison Ivy...all songs I remember.

After breakfast, Grandma would start her "chores." I remember her doing tons of laundry, making all the beds, straightening, folding, and even sewing. All with a soundtrack broadcast by this radio.

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