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Well, as I find myself frequently doing, I am using my blog to tell another tale of customer service woe. I almost feel as if I could start a blog expressly for this purpose since the world is rife with poor customer service experiences waiting to grace my phone, email, broadband chat connection...But, UGH!

This time, the customer-service-sucks-ass award goes to HP/Compaq. I had completely planned on coming on here three weeks ago to write a stellar tale of my experience with them repairing my machine. I chatted with a gentleman named Morrie, told him about my broken laptop hinge, cd-drive issue and a couple other little annoyances and they sent a box for my machine, shipped it away, fixed everything, and in fewer than five business days I had my machine back good as new. I was thrilled and patted myself on the back for choosing to buy a Compaq laptop in the first place.

Well, that pleasure was to be short-lived.

When I had the machine fixed, I had on the list of complaints, a loose AC power adapter that seemed fine, but was clearly bordering on dangerous and could they please include a replacement when they returned the machine. I was assured that yes they could and I didn't worry. The machine came back and the AC adapter was the one thing that was not replaced. Unfortunately, as these types of cord injuries are wont to do, it progressed rather rapidly from a state of working to working in only certain positions, to working only with a mug slammed up against it, to working with only a mug and a pile of books pressed against it, to not working at all within a matter of days.

It was on the machine's swan song of battery life that I was able to send out a feeble SOS. Here, wait, I have the chat transcript here in my email box...Let me dig it up:

Thank you for your recent use of HP Real-time Chat Support. For your
records, we have provided a complete transcript of your chat session

NOTE: Please do not reply to this automatically generated message.

For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running
please visit

Chat Transcript Begins Here
Hello Kristen.

hi there

Welcome to HP Total Care for Presario Notebook. My name is Morrie. How may
I assist you today?

Well, I just got my machine back on Mon

And I had asked for a repair to the cord

and it didn't get fixed

and will not charge the battery due to a loose connectino

can I get a new cord through you?

my order number for the original repair was MSN867-01

Model number is EE394AV

Just to confirm, are you experiencing the problem with DC Jack(point where
we connect AC Adpater to the notebook) or the AC Adapter itself?

DC Jack and it's not the machine, but the cord itself

the connection is loose inside wire

At the terminus right where it connects into the machine

does that make sense?

I understand that you are experiencing the problem with AC Adpater.

Am I right?


Thank you for confirming.

Let me check the warranty status of your notebook



Could you please provide me the serial number and product number of your



Thank you for providing the information

I see from our database that your notebook is underwarranty.

Thank you, yes it is

it was just repaired last week

and this was the one thing they forgot to fix

I see.

I will be glad to arrange for the shipping of new AC Adpater free of


You guys are the best!

Thanks for the compliment.

I mean it! This has been the best experience...every step of the way

Our primary goal is Customer's Satisfaction!

I was just so impressed with how quickly the machine was picked up, fixed
and returned

And I am loving having it fixed

Please provide me the following details

* Name:
* Mailing Address (No P.O. Boxes):
* Apartment/Building/Mailstop:
* City:
* State:
* Zip/Postal Code:
* Phone Number (including area code):
* E-mail:
* Call back time(exact time with time zone):

Kristen Gill


The Right Town, CT 06The right zip code

Phone number

Name, etc...

1PM ET (If call back is required)

Thank you for providing all the details.

Please provide me few momens while I create the case.

Thanks for your time and patience.

I have created the case and forwarded to concern department.

Here is the case number: 8007726033

You will receive new AC Adapter within 4 business days

Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Just to make sure, are we still connected?

Chat Transcript Ends Here

Four days went cord and no word. I called the 800 number. I talked to a woman named Sarah who needed me to spell the word Connecticut, Millers and couple of other words that had me a bit scared. Anyhow, the most important part of this conversation was that I THOUGHT they had updated my address in their system.

Chat Transcript Begins Here
Hello kristen.

Welcome To HP Total Care for Presario Notebooks. My name is Kate. How may
I assist you today?

Hi Kate

I am STILL waiting for a cord for my laptop

Could you please provide me with a detailed description of the problem,
which will help me assist you better?


I was on a business call


Customer service order number: MYQ902-01

I was sent a computer cord, but not to the address where I live. It was
sent to an address where I lived two years ago

I need a new cord sent out ASAP as I cannot power up my laptop and I have not been able to for the last 10 days

Thank you for the information.

Model Number:EE394AV

Could I have a few moments of your time while I search the information for you?

Serial Number: CND601129K


Thank you.

Thank you for sparing your precious time.

Sorry for the delay.

you're welcome

Kristen, I see that the ac adapter is shipped to the following adddress:


Yes, I have not lived there for over a year and a half

Please confirm me whether that was the exact address to be shipped.

it is not the address I gave in the chat

Oh I am sorry to hear that@!

the address should have been: Kristen Gill - RIGHT ADDRESS ETC…

Could you please provide me the exact addres for me to ship the part

Kristen Gill






Thank you for the information.

Kristen, I will create the case once again and the acadpter will be
shipped with 2-3 bussiness days.

I was told that on Sat

so, can you be sure to email me this time?

Kristen, i will make sure that you will recive the part within said time.

Is that ok?

Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

That's fine

Chat Transcript Ends Here

I was feeling all smug and excited until...I just checked the tracking information for the latest order online and guess where it shipped? Yup, you guessed it...the WRONG STREET ADDRESS, THE WRONG TOWN, THE WRONG ZIP...AGAIN...Now what do I do?

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