Monday, January 28, 2008

If I Had Three Thumbs...

I'd give them all up for Once.

Indie film. Yes.
Difficult to understand (at times) accents. Yes.
Love story. Sort of, but not really, well, perhaps the love of music.
Amazing film. Phenomenal soundtrack.

I will let you know how enamorate I was with the music in a short story. Immediately after we watched the movie (rented from Netflix), I streamed to my computer to download the soundtrack. I currently have a loose connection on the AC cord that plugs into my computer that required me (for weeks) to twist it just so, then (for days) to slam a heavy object up against it and now has devolved into not charging my laptop unless I am physically holding the connection together. This requires a lot of strength, and hand and finger strength at that. I held the connection together for ten minutes straight and completed the entire iTunes transaction (through numerous unknown error #5002 messages...grrrrrr) with my left hand. I had marks on the hand that was hold the cord and carpal tunnel ache in the left hand, but it was SOOO worth it.

Here, here's a little taste. See if it whets your appetite. And, comment if you saw/like this movie/soundtrack.

(this song is up for an Oscar this year: Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song)

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