Thursday, February 07, 2008

Freecycle Boycott

Sad but true, the woman who once wrote this:

Friday, October 06, 2006
One Woman's Trash is Another's Treasure
Well, it's official, I have found the best way for me to clear out my closets. I am a freecycling fool! I love to feel like I am giving and, with Freecycle, I get to give away all things individually. My beloved possessions, of which I have so many that I am inundated and drowning and, therefore, no longer "beloving." In the past week, I have given away ten bags of clothes, two bags of books, one dirty toaster oven, baby clothes and bedding, and more I've probably forgotten. For me, Freecycle is the perfect blend between charity and classified ad. I end up feeling that I am giving away to the needy that which they actually NEED. It's pretty cool. it is...

My Ode to Freecycle

Treasure my trash I whisper as I hit send
My smaller size days have come to an end,
So have the bigger ones, no longer with child
I post OFFER: Maternity and the responders go wild.

Most of my items are popular and taken fast
I have yet to see anything out there really last.
You have a broken remote or ancient pair of shoes?
An old pitch fork? Post it! What have you got to lose?

But what about this iron bed I can't seem to get rid of?
Where is the person who will give it some love?
Sure it's broken and needs a little TLC
But, come on folks, it's a an antique, come see!

The irony is I am not a taker, only a giver
The idea of picking up others' clothes makes me shiver!
So, come take my trash and make it your own...
you too can dress yourself and beautify your home!!

Has now had an experience that has soured Freecycle for me. Sad, but is the whole email strand. See what you think:

My request:
A friend of mine has just taken up spinning her own yarn. I am putting this out here on the off chance that someone has an abandoned spinning wheel. I would also love any orphaned knitting supplies! Thanks in advance. Kristen

Her response:

I sent this back to her:
When I moved last year I posted about 25 offers. I don't have anything to offer right now. Can you please post my wanted?

And then, I forwarded her a copy of an OFFER I had made of a van that she, herself, had responded to at one point.

I then asked:
See...remember me? I freecycled a van! So, will you post my WANTED? In light of the fact that I freecycled for years OFFERing only and now am asking for a few things as I have fallen on hard times?

She responded (longwindedly):
First, We just want to remind you that Freecycle(TM) is not designed to be a wish list or a charitable organization. We are not here to take care of needy families and/or provide gifts to others. Though this may occasionally be the result, it is NOT our primary intent. There are many other organizations in the area that are specifically designed for this. Messages asking for help for
families, etc. will not be approved. This includes all requests for help from/for other charitable organizations.

Freecycle exists as a forum to help people give away items that they would otherwise be throwing away. We are here to OFFER things that we have but no longer want or need. We do not object to wanted ads, but we all need to consider what we are here for and use them wisely.

Second, You just stated that you are asking for a few things because you have fallen on hard times - How is asking for a spinning wheel for a friend a necessity?

My final note back to her:
I thought if someone had a spinning wheel sitting around that I could help them by giving it a home. No big deal.

I think if you look at my history, though, you will see that I have used Freecycle in its intended spirit for years. Sorry, I had no idea I could not post WANTEDs as freely as OFFERs. Sorry.

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Danielle said...

Yikes! I think I'd be boycotting too.