Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This weekend I got to spend a lot of quality time with the kiddos. It's nice when I have time to get out and do things with them and really listen to their little voices. Elena, for instance, is horrid unless you give her the attention she so dearly craves, then she becomes your faithful servant, loving admirer, and biggest fan. She will literally stand beside me and stroke my arm or leg, fawning on me. When I put in the time with her, I get back good behavior that makes it a very worthwhile endeavor!

Liam has just been a baby for so long, it's not been as dramatic with him. Sure he likes the attention and sure I pick up on some of his Liam-isms when I spend time with him, but he's just been too young to really interact much. That is until recently. Lemur is starting to add more words into his vocabulary and show off his silly personality. I LOVE IT!!

This weekend, I took him to the Memorial Day parade and he donned his "Hello, My Name is Trouble" t-shirt which both my mother and my friend Robin think I should NOT be putting on him anymore lest he get a complex. Well, to that I retort, it's not a label for him to read to himself, it faces outward. It's a disclaimer for the world to read. I actually felt so much more secure knowing that anyone who might see him running across the street, or dashing into the middle of a marching band would have been adequately warned that here, indeed, did come Trouble.

Today, I took him walking on my back (as I often do) and he was just pleased as punch to be back there riding along. The ENTIRE walk was peppered by his running commentary of all the things we were passing. It sounded something like this, "tee (tree), tee, tee, tee, tee, caw-caw (car), caw, caw, CAW, CAW, mail, mail, mail (as we passed a mailbox)" REPEAT and REPEAT and REPEAT. He is a little loudmouth! Cute though.

Then, tonight when I was trying to put him to bed, he was running away from me with just his diaper on. I am not so into chasing, being a lazy sort, so I sat in the center of the room asking him to come to me. I was actually curious to see how long it would take him to acquiesce (Which apparently, I'll spare you the suspense, is NEVER). He kept scampering out of my reach and giggling incessantly (a sound which truly tortures his sister for some strange, unknown and disturbing reason). Then, he dashed into the closet, quick as a naked mole rat and I heard him in there flaunting another of his newest words, "Climb, climb, climb, climb." (I don't know what it is with him and needing to repeat whatever word he chooses OVER and OVER, but I can't say it's my favorite trait). Anyhow, he was trying to climb any and everything he could find that was climbable in that closet. He's such a cute little lemur. Such a pip!


Talisman said...

"which both my mother and my friend Robin think I should NOT be putting on him anymore lest he get a complex."

Unless he's some little genius I'm pretty sure he can't READ yet. Come on people, lighten up!

And I know what you mean about the repeating thing, we're doing it in my house. Any time Ciaran hears a noise it goes something like this:

Ciaran: A noise!

Me: Yep, that was a noise.

Ciaran: A Noise!

Me: Yep, that was a noise.

Repeat until you want to kill yourself.

Amelia's moms said...

Oliver also does the endless repeating of self - he's usually looking for validation, and he'll finally stop if I say "Yes, that IS an xyz." Then of course he just moves on to the next thing. Amelia was much less interested in labelling things, from what I remember.

Liam is really SO cute.