Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just Back from Detroit

You know, poor Detroit. It gets a bad, bad rap. No one wants to go there. People always joke about it. When I say I am going there, they pity me. They wonder why in the world I would be going to the "armpit of the nation." But, those people probably haven't ever been to Detroit, or they are living with an antiquated view of the city.

I first became interested in Detroit when I traveled there to visit some friends last summer. I was vacationing on Lake Michigan (which I have done since I was a teen quite frequently) and decided to detour to meet these friends. Boy, I sure am glad I did. Then, I read the book Middlesex, a good deal of which takes place in Detroit at the turn of the century. Fascinating...more Detroit intrigue!

The suburbs remind me a lot of Chicago, lots of subdivisions and suburban sprawl. And, as I get to know the city better, I like its patchwork personalities; the Henry Ford's Dearborn, historic Greenfield Village, almost farmland Plymouth, strip-mall Taylor. Then, this visit, thanks to the rental of a Garmin GPS with my little VW Rabbit rental car, I was all set to tour. I could get as lost as I wanted, type an address into the GPS and immediately untangle the neighborhoods and roads which had me twisted. What a wonderful feeling of freedom! I highly recommend it to anyone traveling in a new city. It's well worth the $12/day it costs.

So, two things for you to put on your bucket list:
1) Go vist Detroit
2) Rent a GPS and get lost


Amelia's moms said...

Sounds lovely! I still haven't taken to GPS systems....I can't stand them squawking at me. Which is probably easily turned off....

Mel said...

whoo hoo!!! we're worth a mention ;)