Sunday, May 11, 2008

God Loves You

In my hometown, almost every teen attended an Emmaus retreat during their high school years. This is a retreat, based in the Cursillo tradition. An Emmaus was a way to feel loved by your family, your peers and your community. It was one big Christian love-in with fabulous, catchy music, peer talks and prayer. The slogan of the Emmaus: I LOVE YOU, GOD LOVES YOU, PASS IT ON, sums up the whole philosophy in a phrase.

So, last night as I was putting Elena to bed, I was staring down into her perfect little face and I said, "I love you...(and reflexively)...God loves you."

She smiled, her eyes grew wide, and she said in awe, "He does?"

Guess I should tell her more often.


Talisman said...

Christian Love-In...hmmm sounds like the Christian summer camps my friends went to for summer... and came back knocked up. ;) (One by a counselor)

Elisa said...

I think that's sweet. I have a few God books I read to the girls but that's about as religious as I get these days.

Amelia's moms said...

That's really wonderful for you to be forging a connection with Elena over something that's so important to you.